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What Is Tupelo Honey

​It's not called the fine wine of honey for nothin'! Raw, unfiltered Tupelo honey provides you with an amazingly sweet taste that has been likened to a fine wine. Tupelo isn't easy to come by, but we love what we do and love providing our amazing customers with nothing but the best. The Tupelo bloom not only looks elegant and magical, but also gives our honey one of the highest nutritional values of any honey in the world. We are so happy to be bringing to you all of our Tupelo Honey skin care products. We can't wait to see your skin glow!

Tupelo honey is one of the rarest strains of honey and has amazing health benefits both when consumed as well as when used topically. Studies have shown that Tupelo honey contains many compounds that help the skin. One of the greatest benefits is that Tupelo honey has a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value. This means that it has the wonderful capacity of protecting the skin against free radical damage from the sun and other environmental contaminants.

The Ogeechee tupelo (white tupelo) comes from a region of northwest Florida along both sides of the Apalachicola, Chipola and Oclocknee rivers stretching over five counties — Calhoun, Gulf, Franklin, Liberty and Wakulla.
This area is 15 to 20 miles wide and 100 miles long, and forms the lower reaches of the Chattahoochee River system, adjoining the Gulf of Mexico on the south. It is here that the world’s chief supply of tupelo honey is made. Our bees are put on barges, pushed upriver and floated down to reach the white gum tree.

Only the skilled, experienced beekeeper knows the crucial timing of the budding tupelo to achieve the purest grade honey. Tupelo trees are in the deep swamps of Florida and are pesticide free.

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