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Dear Mr & Mrs Cantu, Thank you for making my wedding so wonderful! The honey was perfect! The crates made it beautiful ...You are so kind and I am beyond grateful for everything!

Candi B.

I have to compliment you on your soap. It lasts a really long time in the shower. Longer than the other soap!

Martin C.

I will be 40 this year and still have the skin of someone in their 20s. I get compliments all the time. I just love, love, love it!!! I want to be like Oprah and pass on my favorite things! I even got Don (my hubby) using it!

Jennifer B.

I had radiation therapy on my neck and was given 3 different prescriptions for the burns. Nothing really helped. Steve gave me some of your Intensive Night Repair to try and within 4 days the burns were healing and and the entire area felt so much better. 

Gene A.

..I've been dealing with skin cancer for 30 some years. I use a cream to bring the cancer cells to the surface & the cream burns the cells. This is similar to a 3rd degree burn. I use your creams to relieve the pain. I'm very grateful to have your product. It's wonderful stuff. And the honey is the best anywhere. Thank you.

Mary L.

Thank you for the prompt email regarding my order. No worries about the Honey Almond Night Cream. I am happy with the unscented night cream as well. I definitely can't wait for it to re-stock.... my face is suffering without it:) I absolutely love all your products and have recommended them to all my friends. I am glad to hear that they are so popular. Have a fabulous day!

Kim R.

A little over a year ago I was searching for a source of raw honey when a friend introduced me to your company. My family loves the taste and quality of your honey and we're especially fond of the creamed honey! What a treat! Another friend told me of your skin care products. I've tried quite a few different creams, lotions, etc. from different places and never found anything I was impressed with. Reluctantly I tried the Intensive Night Repair. I was pleased with the first use ~ it felt nice, not greasy with a pleasant fragrance. By the time the first bottle was empty I was hooked! I began having my 2 teens use it for acne and have had great results. We now no longer use anything for acne besides the Intensive Night Repair. I think my favorite products, however, are the Honey Almond Cream and Honey Almond Body Lotion. I no longer have any problems with dry, itchy skin. My skin looks and feels so much better & refreshed. I was with a friend recently and tried a little of her store bought lotion just to test the difference. I had forgotten how thick, greasy & "smelly" they tend to be. Of course, I told her about Bees & Botanicals. I appreciate your use of natural ingredients and the absence of chemicals in your products. I'm ashamed to say that I did not expect so much from a small company in a tiny little central Florida community, but you have impressed my family in a huge way! Thanks! 

Kim B.

I don't use lip balm myself, but I gave one to my girlfriend. I really like the secondhand taste. It's great ! ;)

Todd A.

Dear Honey Folks, I really wanted to tell you how much my dear mom Loves your honey!... When she found out it was raw & unfiltered, she's been a fan ever since. I went to a "Honey" party and what a lovely surprise to find your products there! I bought a 1/2 gallon of Orange Blossom for mom, the honey soap with lavender (ohh smells so yummy!) and the night cream for myself. I've got to tell you, you have the best product out there. Thank you for making the planet in our neighborhood a better place. Warm regards,

Marianne S.