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Deluxe Honey Care Large Basket
Deluxe Honey Care Large Basket

Deluxe Honey Care Large Basket

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What a thoughtful gift to send our Deluxe Honey Care basket to someone special! This large 10" x 6" basket is brimming full of our Tupelo Honey Skin Care Essentials along with a luxurious ivory 100% silk, queen size, Signature Queen Bee pillowcase! Won't she just LOVE that?
Included in the deluxe basket are:

Our highly nourishing tupelo honey skin cream has a light, whipped texture to hydrate and protect your skin throughout the day.
Made with raw tupelo honey, beeswax, and shea butter.
Organic aloe vera added for healing and moisturizing it leaves your skin soft and supple.
All-natural and organic conditioning for both skin and hair. Yes, hair!
Light enough to wear under makeup.
Our all-natural ingredients act as skin softening emollients with added effects from organic sunflower, avocado, and jojoba oils. This honey skin cream can even be used as a frizz tamer. If you are looking for the perfect honey skin care product to add into your daily routine, you found it!

Looking for the perfect unscented deep penetrating night cream? You're in for a treat with our luxurious Tupelo Honey Night Cream! Loaded with organic royal jelly, pollen, and raw tupelo honey, moisturizing your skin with an intense, replenishing hydration.
With its proprietary blend of acai pulp, pomegranate seed, and olive squalane oils, this honey night cream will nurture your skin with natural antioxidants, leaving your skin with a youthful glow. Our special blend is mixed with the premium tupelo honey which helps to hydrate skin and promote a healthy complexion. Royal jelly is another key ingredient which is known for its antioxidant properties and inflammation reduction, and pollen, which helps stimulate cell renewal, restoring and firming your skin.

Our Tupelo honey body lotion is a natural moisturizer, having the ability to draw moisture to your skin for needed hydration. Tupelo honey's antioxidant properties are the highest available and fight the daily assault of pollution, stress and ageing that contribute to dry irritated lackluster skin. Nourishing and perfect for both sun exposed summer skin and winter wind dry skin. A great all over body moisturizer for your shower routine.

Inside the pretty polka dotted bag you will find our Tupelo Honey Lavender scented bar soap. Melt stress away with our sweetly scented floral lavender soap that has strong antibacterial properties that help to heal abrasions on the skin.
Lavender is also a powerful antiseptic that's capable of killing disease causing pathogens that inhabit your skin surface. Your skin will be moisturized with a cleansing glow! Formulated with premium raw tupelo honey, this rich and luxurious lavender soap will also help to improve your night time rest and relaxation.

Sample our wonderful and pure Wildflower Raw Honey with our 1oz jar.
We are the beekeepers of our product line to ensure what we offer is of the highest quality!

This pretty and bright floral gift basket has pink tissue shred, polka dotted tissue paper and a matching sheer, organza polka dotted bow!

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