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6 Helpful Skin Care Tips

If you are like most people, you want to have radiant skin that makes you look as though you are glowing from the inside out. It can be easy to get caught up buying product after product that states they will help fight wrinkles, combat dark circles, clear acne scars, and so forth. But do these products actually work?

The simple answer is yes — IF the products are certified organic and don’t have a bunch of extra added chemicals mixed in. While supplemental products like honey skin care products are an excellent way to keep your skin healthy and glowing, we will be going over some other skin care tips outside of beauty products that will help you achieve the healthiest skin possible.

1. Check the Ingredients in Your Products

First of all, taking a look over the ingredients in your products is key for determining whether or not a product is healthy for your skin to be soaking up. Do you want your skin to be absorbing chemicals that make their way into your body? Probably not. Check the label to ensure that water is in the first three ingredients (often listed as deionized water) and that most, if not all, of the other ingredients are certified organic. While the long-term effects of these chemical cocktails are unknown, Europe has actually banned well over a thousand ingredients that are often found in beauty products.

2. Drink Lots of Water

When your body is dehydrated, so is your skin. Because your skin is one of the largest organs that consists highly of water, it is highly suggested for a person to drink half an ounce to an ounce of water for each pound you weigh. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you will want to drink 75 to 150 ounces of water per day. This will help to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion of your skin and help to flush out toxins and bacteria such as acne.

3. Consume a Healthy Diet

You likely hear this all the time, but it's the plain and simple truth — eating a healthy diet not only improves your internal organs and body weight, but also improves your overall skin complexion. If you are the type of person who loves to eat processed food or consumes a lot of alcohol, caffeine, or smoke, getting perfect skin is going to be much more difficult to achieve. This type of diet dehydrates your skin, contributes to inflammation, breakouts, and even collagen loss (which can be to blame for premature aging). Instead, opt for foods that are rich in vitamins C, E, and A, beta carotene, and antioxidants to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

4. Load Up on SPF

This one is huge for having healthy skin. Even in the winter when the sun isn’t shining! The SPF in sunscreen helps fight against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays that cause premature skin aging and wrinkles, as well as skin cancer. Just be sure to opt for a natural SPF product to effectively lighten skin damage caused by the sun. Either choose a moisturizer with SPF in it or mix your favorite natural honey skin cream with an SPF to ensure a great, hydrating coverage.

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5. Get Good Rest

Every single cell in your body requires a lot of sleep on a nightly basis (seven to eight hours). When you are asleep, healthy cells rise to the surface of the skin and repair any damage that has been accumulated throughout the day. Without enough time to sleep, the skin doesn’t have enough time for repair, allowing for skin-related problems to arise more frequently. So, to achieve a healthy complexion, make sure to get plenty of zzz’s every night.

6. Exfoliate Your Skin — Gently

Regular exfoliation is a must for having healthy, glowing skin. It helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and helps to keep your pores clean from black and whiteheads. While it is suggested to exfoliate once a week regardless of your skin time, it is important not to use an exfoliator that is too rough for your skin. This can leave your skin dry, irritated, and damaged, which is not ideal for someone looking to sport a glowy complexion.

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